Installing solar in NYC takes some time. When a person decides to go solar the first step is to conduct a site visit to gather all the necessary information to create a system design. This entails measuring your roof, checking your electric box and ensuring that your roof is structurally sound. With this information our engineering department finalizes your system design. With the resulting schematic we begin the process of qualifying your system for the State rebate, getting permission from Con Edison to connect your system to the grid, and getting your building permit through the Department of Buildings. The entire process usually takes between four and six months. You can read through the major steps that we go through over the course of an installation to the right.

Because the process takes a while, we want to make sure you know what's going on so we'll be sending you updates along the way. If you don't care to read the updates, that's fine. If you need more immediate attention, just call.  We'll do the same.