Solar is simple. Really. It is. We strive to make it that way. The panels we put on your roof produce electricity that you use in your home and get credited for by ConEd. Deciding on what model of solar you want might actually be the most difficult thing to do...everything else we handle for you. 

During your solar consultation we look at your utility bill to see how much electricity you use and then try to build a system that meets your needs. How much electricity the system generates depends on how many panels we can fit on your roof according to our measurements and how much sunshine those panels will receive. Sometimes, due to limited roof space, we are unable to build a system that supplies 100% of your electric needs. In these cases, you might still purchase some electricity from your utility, albeit much less. You actually never disconnect from your utility. They are always there if you need extra power. Instead, you are taking advantage of what is called net metering, which allows you to generate electricity during the day, send excess electricity back into the grid and pull it back whenever you need it free of charge. 

From a functional perspective, there is no difference in how you use electricity. It's business as usual. From a technical perspective, the panels generate electricity, a small pipe carries that electricity to the inverter where it is converted from direct to alternating current. Then the electricity will either go through your panel box and into your home or back out into the grid. What goes out into the grid is "net metered" and available for later use.

Chat with a solar consultant about your home.
2) Review a customized estimate based on your electric needs and the constraints of your roof space. 
3) Submit your solar deposit!
4) Wait out 3-4 months of solar permitting. 
5) Schedule a date for installation! 

6) File your taxes to take advantage of the solar incentives available to you.


Installing solar in NYC takes some time. When a person decides to go solar the first step is to conduct a site visit to gather all the necessary information to create a system design. This entails measuring your roof, checking your electric box and ensuring that your roof is structurally sound. With this information our engineering department finalizes your system design. With the resulting schematic we begin the process of qualifying your system for the State rebate, getting permission from Con Edison to connect your system to the grid, and getting your building permit through the Department of Buildings. The entire process usually takes between four and six months. You can read through the major steps that we go through over the course of an installation to the right.

Because the process takes a while, we want to make sure you know what's going on so we'll be sending you updates along the way. If you don't care to read the updates, that's fine. If you need more immediate attention, just call.  We'll do the same. 



Milton Installed Nov. 2015

"My experience with all the guys from Brooklyn SolarWorks has been superb. All are very knowledgeable about solar energy and know all about the equipment and electrical wiring one needs to go solar. They inspected my roof and my electrical system to determine first if I was a good candidate for solar.  Once that was determined they arranged all the design and permitting required. They fabricated the system to hold the panels and did an exceptional job getting the power from the solar panels on the roof down to the circuit box in the basement. They even arranged for a new electric net meter that is read remotely. Brooklyn SolarWorks knows how to achieve high satisfaction, just do the work right the first time to the highest standards. Also everyone on their team are super nice people and a pleasure to be around as you go solar."

Joaquin Installed Sept. 2015


"I recommend Brooklyn SolarWorks and the great installation team headed by Matt Myskin.  Thanks to their efforts, we think we are among the first brownstones in Sunset Park to install a 3.6 KW solar system on our flat rooftop.  We were very impressed with the creative design of the custom canopy system developed specifically for maximizing solar harvesting on flat roofs like our own.  During all stages of the project they were not only extremely professional but responsive as well.  They addressed all our questions and concerns regarding pricing, incentives and hooking up onto the ConEdison grid system.  They brought their equipment into our home keeping our home clean and installed the system with a high degree of quality and workmanship.  Finally they handled all the permitting and application activities required by the Department of Buildings and ConEdison.  Due to their efforts the installation and hook-up process took less than one week.  We hope that others will also take advantage of Brooklyn SolarWork's deep expertise and do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and the effects of global warming."