Brooklyn SolarWorks Referral App 

What is the Brooklyn SolarWorks Referral App? 

The Brooklyn SolarWorks App provided by Get the Referral allows for us to connect with our customers and communicate the different opportunities for rewards and special discounts! 

How do I sign up?

The registration process must be done on a mobile phone; you will need either an iPhone or Android device to proceed. Start by downloading the Advocator App. Once installed, enter the Brooklyn SolarWorks company code 9312, it will ask you to choose either the Advocator or Brooklyn SolarWorks Icon. Please choose the "Brooklyn SolarWorks" icon. Finally, follow the guidelines to create your own account!

What's next? 

Once you are all signed up, you are free to navigate the app. Refer your friends and neighbors to Brooklyn SolarWorks in exchange for gift card rewards! Just click "Add Referral" and enter their contact information. We will then receive an alert and payout with a prepaid Visa gift card. 

Brooklyn SolarWorks Block Party

If you are registering for a block party collaboration, please be sure to register the information of the treasurer of your block association under the tab "Advocator Wallet". If your bank doesn't appear, please contact us. After submitting this information, click "Add Referral".  For block parties, please refer three people to receive your full contribution. 

 *Due to the overwhelming support of the Brooklyn SolarWorks block party sponsorship campaign, we are no longer accepting new inquires this season.