Upcoming Events


Our next big event is still in the making, but check back in soon for more new and exciting Solar Events!

Past Events

SIP 'N SOLAR (10).png

Sip 'N Solar! 

Meet the BSW crew at the Brooklyn SolarWorks Showroom for complimentary drinks and the opportunity to learn more about reducing your carbon footprint in NYC. We'll be talking about everything from the National Climate Assessment and tax incentives to solar system sizes and the solar revolution with a drink in hand. Let's come together to build a sustainable Brooklyn!

Street Fairs

Brooklyn SolarWorks regularly attends street fairs throughout the summer. We really enjoy the chance to bust out a demo of our solar canopy, charge phones, pass out solar toys, and discuss the benefits of solar power. If you'd like us to participate in a fair shoot us a note and we'll do our best to get there: trenice@brooklynsolarworks.com

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Block Parties

There is so much awesome energy in Brooklyn. A large part of that is due to the vibrant neighborhood organizations that host block parties throughout the summer. We do all we can to support community efforts here in Brooklyn.


Solar Powered Generator

Got an event that you need to run off the grid? We can help! Our setup can power most of your event needs. We've run entire stages, water pumps, and more. Email trenice@brooklynsolarworks.com for more information on our solar powered generator setup and how we can help with your next event.

Information Sessions

Brooklyn SolarWorks is changing the game for urban solar installations. We host occasional information sessions at our office and at other locations around the city to expand education around solar topics in Brooklyn. If you're organizing a crash course, we're happy to be your expert! info@brooklynsolarworks.com