Solar Deposit


Solar Deposit


Lock in your solar price! 

By submitting your solar deposit you are definitively making the switch to solar energy for your home. When we receive your payment we will start permitting your system with the Department of Buildings, work you through Landmarks surveys (if needed), and plan for your installation! 

Here's what we're assuming:
You want to get solar and you want to work with us. Period. Although there may be some final details to work out in terms of pricing or design, we know we can work out any issues as we finalize our submission to the department of buildings. It also means that, if for any reason our final design can't provide what we originally promised- or if you're not happy with the work that we've done for any reason- the deposit is completely refundable to you. 

So, that said... what are you waiting for? Let's get this started!

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In case you needed any additional reminders, here's a helpful video on solar financing. It'll get you caught up to speed on all of the incentives in NYC. Fortunately, our interest rate on our loan has changed since we made this. It's now 1.99%!

Need to chat this over before signing on the digital line? No problem. Call us! 347-474-7144