Announcing the Earth Month Solar Challenge

We’re excited about the 47th anniversary of Earth Day. So we’re launching a challenge for Brooklyn to help us install at least 60kW of power on rooftops in the borough.

If we meet our first goal, every system that signs up with us this month will receive a $250 bonus. In order to do that we only need about 15 homes to sign up for solar. If we get more than that, and install more than 80kW of power- everyone who signs up this month will receive a $500 bonus. To do that we need only need 20 people to go solar this month. That’s it. Just 20 homes.

For each friend you refer to this challenge that signs up- you and your friend will get an additional $250.

We know it might seem crazy, but this month is crucial to show the neighborhood exactly what we’re all capable of. This is a chance for us to get back to the roots of the environmental movement, help fight climate change, and stick it to the clown in the oval office.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to go solar, this is it. Call us at 347-474-7144 or refer a friend here.