Announcing the Earth Month Solar Challenge

We’re excited about the 47th anniversary of Earth Day. So we’re launching a challenge for Brooklyn to help us install at least 60kW of power on rooftops in the borough.

If we meet our first goal, every system that signs up with us this month will receive a $250 bonus. In order to do that we only need about 15 homes to sign up for solar. If we get more than that, and install more than 80kW of power- everyone who signs up this month will receive a $500 bonus. To do that we need only need 20 people to go solar this month. That’s it. Just 20 homes.

For each friend you refer to this challenge that signs up- you and your friend will get an additional $250.

We know it might seem crazy, but this month is crucial to show the neighborhood exactly what we’re all capable of. This is a chance for us to get back to the roots of the environmental movement, help fight climate change, and stick it to the clown in the oval office.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to go solar, this is it. Call us at 347-474-7144 or refer a friend here.

Happy Thanksgiving from Brooklyn SolarWorks!

Starting Brooklyn SolarWorks has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling undertakings we could have ever embarked on, but there are a few things specific to 2016 that we’re especially thankful for and would like to shout-out:

Some of you have gotten to see our car up close or even got to hang at the BSW Summer Bash. Regardless, the thing we’re probably most thankful for is continuing to meet with Brooklynites and NYC-goers who are as excited about the solar revolution as we are.

We hope you give us the opportunity to continue serving our community and transforming NYC’s skyline, one canopy at a time.

We’d also like to extend $250 to you and $250 to anyone you refer to Brooklyn SolarWorks. This referral program applies year-round, but we figured we’d mention it in the spirit of giving season. Learn more about it here:

Wishing you a happy thanksgiving, and as always – shine on!

Gaelen McKee - "The Innovator" in New York Times

I woke up this morning to some awesome news, Gaelen McKee, President of BSW was featured in the New York Times as an Innovator in NYC solar. We are thrilled to be helping build more solar in NYC and making clean energy happen for our neighbors. 

New York is a special city and it requires special innovations to help solar become pervasive. As we look at the solar landscape here in NYC it looks like flat roofs as far as the eye can see, and as far as we are concerned, each one should have solar panels on them. Cheers to all our other friends HERE COMES SOLAR and our Customer Anne Schaetzel who was featured. #solarcanopynyc is making it happen. Thanks to our cohorts @ Situ Studio for helping to merge solar AND design for these innovations in our special city. 

Brooklyn SolarWorks Gets Featured!

We’ve been in a pretty good mood lately. For one thing, the weather in Brooklyn has been beautiful, and if it’s at all indicative of the summer to come, then we couldn’t be more excited.

For another, we’ve recently been featured in five publications: Wired, 6sqft, The Architect’s Newspaper, Fast Company, and Treehugger.

Some highlights:

"[Trusses, beams, and angled columns] can be easily reproduced to yield a customized Canopy, potentially double the size of a rooftop solar system." - The Architect's Newspaper

"By lifting solar panels 10 feet in the air, it's possible to meet safety requirements and add enough solar to offset a family's energy bill." - Fast Company

"We think as more people go on their own roofs and they see their neighbors going solar with canopies, that's going to add a viral effect to going solar." - Wired

"The canopies rise above the height needed to meet the fire codes and leaves the roof space open, [making it] easier to get the solar power systems approved by the city." - TreeHugger

Whether you’ve worked with us before, are interested in what we do, or simply get excited about anything solar –  thank you for your support.

As always, shine on!

Our Experience at the Northside Innovation Expo

Brooklyn SolarWorks spent last weekend at the Northside Innovation Expo at Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Expo Center. What excited us more than sharing the spotlight with 50+ organizations of innovators and hackers was meeting those who shared our passion for solar or were even learning about it for the first time.

We’re pretty proud of our setup, which featured solar-powered toy car and grasshopper demonstrations, free gear (hats, bags, postcards), and a DJ booth on the second day of the conference.


Day 1: The team and our tent


Day 2: Our guy Betsley – concurrent solar expert and DJ

We also wanted to take a moment to shout out some of the cool people we met at the expo:

Bicycle Utopia is a company that provides custom bike tours, combining art and bikes into one cultural NYC experience.


EV-Box produces and supplies charging stations for electric vehicles and related cloud-based services.


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding and fundraising platform helping individuals, groups, and non-profits raise money to make their ideas become a reality.


NYCEDC (New York City Economic Development Corporation) is an NYC non-profit organization that promotes economic growth throughout the five boroughs.


PivotDesk is an office-sharing marketplace connecting companies with extra office space with startups and small businesses.


Urban Future Lab is an NYC hub for smart cities, smart grid, and clean energy located at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.


Always nice to meet others who aim to inspire and create a better world.

If you met us at the expo, please feel free to reach out and say hi. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.

As always, shine on!

Time Lapse of a Canopy!

We would like to begin by saying thanks to everybody for making this possible. It's only been a little over a year since we dreamed up the idea of starting a company that focused on building solar canopies in NYC and here we are, 6 built and many, many more in the pipeline. 

Thanks to Situ! You guys have been incredibly helpful and super fun to work with (they designed and helped commission the canopy). Thanks to SolarOne. The Here Come Solar groups have been the bedrock of our growth. And thanks to Marvel Vision for the video work. Look forward to many more projects together. 

Here is a time lapse, put together by Situ with drone work by Marvel Vision, of an 18 panel solar canopy built on 7th St in Park Slope. Enjoy. 

Let's Talk About The Canopy

Understandably we get a LOT of questions about the Solar Canopy we sell in NYC. When you hear "Solar Canopy" there are not a whole lot of prefabricated notions of what to think of. We've spent alot of time working to find ways to give homwowners a better idea of what the heck we are talking about. 

What does it look like?

Once we have an initial discussion with a homeowner and they feel it makes sense to investigate solar we commission a full scale rendering. Much like something like this: 

It's always nice to have take a virtual walk through of your solar system. Many folks want to know to expect for their roof. We don't blame them. That's why we are working to improve the buying experience for NYCers to go solar!

Big Press

For those of you who know us you know we are a pretty small, jovial bunch who like to share our passion for solar energy. Sometimes doing solar in NYC is not easy, in fact it is downright infuriating.. never the less we keep it up beat and wake up every day with the goal of changing the NYC roofscape with solar. We are getting there. 

It's nice to get some help in the journey and today we were just featured on MSNBC show called Shift which focuses on environmental topics. It was a pleasure to work with the crew and we appreciate our customers who were kind enough to lend their roof spaces for the shoot. The grandson of an oilman helps move the planet forward.. how about that??!

 Click the image to see the video

Click the image to see the video

Here Comes Solar!

Brooklyn SolarWorks is very excited to be part of the Here Comes Solar platform. 

"Here Comes Solar is a not-for-profit network that envisions a New York City where residential solar is accessible, affordable, and incredibly common." 

A project of Solar One, Here Comes Solar acts as a mini solarize program, grouping homeowners and soliciting bids from qualified installers. There is power in numbers and as more people join a group, installation cost are reduced. 

Look for a Here Comes Solar group in your neighborhood! 

NY Solar Summit

Yesterday was the NY Solar Summit. It was a time to reflect on all the success we have had so far in deploying solar in the Empire State and a time to plan for the future and where we want the industry to go. It was also a time to pitch our solar canopy to an audience of solar aficionados. That's right, Brooklyn SolarWorks was selected along with three other companies to participate in the NY Solar Summit pitch contest. The prize? $500 and some bragging rights. The result? Well, the competition was fierce. We went up against Blue Pillar, an energy management solutions system, Energy Sage, a solar quote aggregator and comparison platform, and Sunverge, an integrated solar management and energy storage system. All three companies have seen considerable success and for Brooklyn SolarWorks to even be placed in the same competition was an honor. That said, we lost. When it came down to it the four panelist decided that Sunverge was the company best suited to advance New York's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) agenda. Yet while we did not win over the judges, we did win over the audience taking the peoples choice award. So we say, congratulations Sunverge! Let's give everybody what they want and build hundreds of canopies with Sunverge integrated solar and storage systems. 

It's Getting Hot Out There

Time to add a solar canopy on your roof. It provides shade and keeps things cooler during those hot summer days. It's also a great idea to paint your roof white. A white roof can reflect up to 90% of the sunlight that hits it, as opposed to a black roof which reflects 20%. Our recommendation, paint it white and commission a Prism bi-facial panel canopy so that the light that reflects off your roof hits the backside of your solar canopy, generating extra electricity. Prism Solar is also a New York based panel manufacturer. Keep it local. 

Here's TR and Matt measuring for a future canopy on top of a beautiful brownstone in Boerum Hill. Time to solarize Brooklyn!