Solar Products for the Summer


Brooklyn SolarWorks is here to get you ready for the summer with a list of solar products that can enhance all your favorite sun filled activities and adventures. From camping and hiking, to tailgating, or just hanging out in Prospect Park, our list contains products that harness the sun in order to keep up with your lifestyle. Remember, it’s almost summer in Brooklyn and the sun is out, so you might as well make it work for you.

Solar Backpacks

If you’re an avid hiker and camper, then a solar backpack could be very useful to you. If you need to charge a camera, phone, light, or other electronics a solar backpack allows you to do so without access to electricity. We recommend the Voltaic Systems solar backpacks, which comes in five different models depending on how off grid you wanna go. BSW has several of our own Voltaic Systems backpacks that we use in the field. What's even better about Voltaic System’s backpacks are that several of them include functional aspects such as camera inserts and laptop sleeves, which are perfect for photographers and travelers.


Solar Powered Security Lights

Many homes have motion sensored flood- lights to provide added security and visibility around your house. You can reduce your electricity bill and your carbon footprint all while keeping your house safe with a solar powered security light. Combing the internet for the best reviewed solar power security light, there are several different options, including the Guardian 580X. It is motion sensored as well as having three different lighting modes that vary in brightness. Also, it is able to produce over 730 lumens, which is extremely bright for a solar light.

Solar Powered Generator

There are an unlimited amount of uses for a solar generator. While they may not produce as much electricity as a traditional gas generator, it definitely can power multiple devices including small fridges and multiple electronic devices. If you decide to beat the Brooklyn heat and go camping upstate you may find a variety of uses for this product. It can be used from camping in remote areas to humanitarian relief effort. One product that seems to be popping up at concert tailgates and a campsite near you is the Goal Zero Yeti portable generator.

Solar Grill

Believe or not but solar grills are now very mainstream. You can even buy them at Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond (for sure in the Beyond Section). The cooking time is similar to a traditional grill and you no longer would have to buy fuel which is expensive, bulky, and carbon emitting. Go Sun makes a portable solar grill which is available online and in stores at Home Depot and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It’s the  perfect grill option for those packed weekend A train trips to Rockaway Beach as it is easily transportable.

Solar Canopy

No list of top solar products would be complete without a mention of our award winning Solar Canopy design! Our solar canopy enables NYC homeowners to install solar on flat roofs which is typically challenging or impossible to regulations and lack of sun. Our canopy systems allow you to keep functional space on your roof, which is critical for all Brooklynites when the weather is warm. Spruce up your canopy by putting tables, chairs, and plants under the shaded canopy and maybe even hosts a few dinner parties to show off your new solar system.

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