Neighborhood Discounts


From time to time, Brooklyn SolarWorks tries to work pretty hard in a specific neighborhood. Although we service the entire borough, most of our installations are in the zip codes immediately surrounding downtown where housing is most dense. 

Working in a specific neighborhood has a lot of positive impacts for the work that we do. It centralizes our work flow and limits burdensome travel across the city, it heightens our visibility for specific blocks, it can drop our evaluation and installation costs for jobs on the same block, and it generally helps us build lasting relationships with community members and stakeholders. Most of our business comes from word of mouth, so contributing to a movement in a 4-8 block radius really seems to be the best kind of marketing we could ever get. Also, it just feels good. It's the kind of business we want to run.

Turns out too that centralizing solar deployment is what's most environmentally viable from the utilities perspective when we interconnect to the grid. Adding a lot of solar to a specific area of the grid changes the peak demand load (AKA when everyone's using their AC) and can reduce the need for "peaker plants" that are used to meet seasonal/temporal changes in electric usage. In the future, this sort of concentration of solar in densely populated areas may actually be rewarded more heavily by the utility... although that remains to be seen as part of the REV conversation that is continuously evolving.

ANYWAY, this combination of reasons is why we like to incentivize people to "Go solar in Groups" and chat with their neighbors about going solar. THIS MONTH we're actually focussing on Clinton Hill and Fort Greene. If you'd like to learn more about this solar process, how we make it all happen, or maybe even get BSW to focus specifically on your neighborhood for a month let us know! We're hosting an event on 3/13 at DSK that we'd love you to attend.