Our 3rd Year Anniversary

We’ve come a long way since 2015. It’s our third anniversary this month. Obligatory reflection below:


There are very few things that are as satisfying as understanding just how far we’ve come as a company. When it all started we were located in the basement of the old oil depot in Greenpoint. We originally thought that we would be a solar sales consultancy. Our founding partners had left a large solar firm and were incubating the Solar Canopy design with SITU studios. The first several months were slow. We took a while to get our feet on the ground.

The move to Gowanus was strategic, but also made out of necessity because the depot was being shut down. We bounced around a bit before we found our current office building. For the first year, we ferried all of our solar equipment up and down a freight elevator to get to our job sites. It wasn’t until the spring of 2016 that we managed to get our hands on the shop on 9th street. We’ve gone through so many iterations of growth in our current building. We started in a 20x20 cube of a room. Over the past year and a half we’ve taken over the office space next door as well. The walls of our office are covered in dry-erase paint. You can still see some of the original notes we took behind pieces of furniture in what has become our makeshift kitchen. We’ve grown into our spot here, with 2 shops within a 3 block radius. We joked when we first called it HQ. Now it really feels that way.

While the growth has been organic, there are magical relationships we’ve made that really stick out as major moments for us. Launching our first canopy with SITU changed our approach to solar installations in Brooklyn forever. Our first Here Comes Solar bid really gave us some fodder to grow. Bringing our Canopy to a national stage at SPI has positioned us to expand our canopy development.

The mission for us has always been to keep sun fun. At over 25 employees strong now, it’s kind of magical to notice just how dynamic a  workplace we’ve managed to create. From a founding three, we’ve managed to grow substantially each year. Our team is comprised of thoughtful, committed people that are driven to help build a better future in Brooklyn. Together we are the force that gets solar installed for our neighbors. If feels good. And a long way from the depot basement.