We're in Uncharted Waters. AKA Trump Tariff Limbo. Like Sharks with Lasers.

We’re in uncharted waters. The International Trade Commission issued their recommendation to Trump on the 13th. As we mentioned previously, the formal recommendation that they made suggests Trump should place heavy tariffs on solar panels imported from foreign countries. Anytime between now and January 13th Trump has the power to impose tariffs that will drastically affect the price of solar.  

Although it’s good news that Trump hasn’t definitively jumped on solar tariffs, it’s put the industry in limbo. For the next 60 days we’ll be at the mercy of his decision.  

Until the point at which Trump makes his decision, Brooklyn SolarWorks will continue to honor pricing negotiated prior to the 13th. Customers considering solar now and that make a commitment to work with us prior to any Executive decision will also receive preferential pricing. If you’re thinking about it… give us a call. 347-474-7144.