Brooklyn SolarWorks Gets Featured!

We’ve been in a pretty good mood lately. For one thing, the weather in Brooklyn has been beautiful, and if it’s at all indicative of the summer to come, then we couldn’t be more excited.

For another, we’ve recently been featured in five publications: Wired, 6sqft, The Architect’s Newspaper, Fast Company, and Treehugger.

Some highlights:

"[Trusses, beams, and angled columns] can be easily reproduced to yield a customized Canopy, potentially double the size of a rooftop solar system." - The Architect's Newspaper

"By lifting solar panels 10 feet in the air, it's possible to meet safety requirements and add enough solar to offset a family's energy bill." - Fast Company

"We think as more people go on their own roofs and they see their neighbors going solar with canopies, that's going to add a viral effect to going solar." - Wired

"The canopies rise above the height needed to meet the fire codes and leaves the roof space open, [making it] easier to get the solar power systems approved by the city." - TreeHugger

Whether you’ve worked with us before, are interested in what we do, or simply get excited about anything solar –  thank you for your support.

As always, shine on!