NY Solar Summit

Yesterday was the NY Solar Summit. It was a time to reflect on all the success we have had so far in deploying solar in the Empire State and a time to plan for the future and where we want the industry to go. It was also a time to pitch our solar canopy to an audience of solar aficionados. That's right, Brooklyn SolarWorks was selected along with three other companies to participate in the NY Solar Summit pitch contest. The prize? $500 and some bragging rights. The result? Well, the competition was fierce. We went up against Blue Pillar, an energy management solutions system, Energy Sage, a solar quote aggregator and comparison platform, and Sunverge, an integrated solar management and energy storage system. All three companies have seen considerable success and for Brooklyn SolarWorks to even be placed in the same competition was an honor. That said, we lost. When it came down to it the four panelist decided that Sunverge was the company best suited to advance New York's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) agenda. Yet while we did not win over the judges, we did win over the audience taking the peoples choice award. So we say, congratulations Sunverge! Let's give everybody what they want and build hundreds of canopies with Sunverge integrated solar and storage systems.