Happy Earth Day

Today is a day to reflect on where we live, what we do and how we want to leave this planet. We especially like to do this because it is all too easy to lose sight of the end goal amidst the endless spreadsheets, insurance payments and CRM fixes. Not everyday is filled with the satisfying moment when you flip the switch on a solar system of a happy customer. But everyday we drive towards that goal whether it's making sales calls, applying for building permits or ordering equipment. 

We installed a solar ground mount at my mothers farm in rural Vermont a year and a half ago and every time I go home I have to stop, check the production and appreciate how satisfying it is to power the house and barn with the sun. 

Below is a video I took about a month ago. The metering is spinning backwards, meaning we are feeding electricity back onto the grid and getting credit for it. 

Happy Earth Day!