Solar Block Parties

BSW wants to pay for your block party. Up to $1,500. 

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We love a good celebration. Block parties are the Brooklyn way. We're here to help. That's why we're giving up to $1,500 to block neighborhood associations that need some extra funding for their parties this year. Despite two conditions, it's pretty much a wide open offer. We'll work with you on how exactly those conditions are meant.

  1. We'd like to have some sort of presence at your block party. We usually bring a 4x6 table, but we could also bring our solar generator if you need power for a stage or bouncy house. We're willing to work with your footprint. Just tell us how things usually work for your event. We won't be selling anything. Info only.
  2. We'd like to have some other form of communication with your members. Again, we're totally willing to work with you on what this means. We recommend an email blast to your members that includes this link as a first step. 

Once we've settled on these two things, booyah, tell us where to send the money. It's yours to do with what you will. This day is all about your neighborhood. We'll do our best to keep the branding and "business" out of it. We'll bring some of the party with us :)


Block Party Solar Evaluations

Over the course of about 45 minutes, someone from our team can walk you through the details of how solar power works, what the potential of your home looks like, and how you can take advantage of the many solar incentives that exist in NYC. Drop us a note and we'll start to organize our rounds on the block.

As we prepare for the big day, we'll need to get a handle on how many people on your block would like a solar evaluation of their home. You can share this form with your neighbors to get the word out and to make sure that you get on the schedule! Don't miss out!

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Zip Code
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Solar that works for Brooklyn.

At this point it's inferred, but you can definitely put solar on your roof. We retrofit homes in Brooklyn with solar power every day. You've probably seen our truck on an installation or one of our signs hanging in one of your neighbor's windows. Despite a number of different factors... (ehehmmm-Trump-ehhm)... the movement is alive and well.
But working on Brooklyn brownstones takes a particular amount of know-how. Whether it's working with the Department of Buildings, the Fire Department, Landmarks, or even your block association: we've got you covered. We know of far too many larger installers that avoid working in the borough because of more onerous design, permitting, and aesthetic demands. We used to work for some of those larger companies. We founded Brooklyn SolarWorks specifically to focus on the flat rooftops of Brooklyn and we do everything we can to make sure that homes have the ability to put their roof to work. Because it matters. Because it makes sense. And because we love to work where we live. 


Solar Cost Basics.png

On average a solar installation in NYC costs anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000. Prices vary considerably depending on the type of design and installation requirements designated by the building type. With the Tariff in the mix things are a bit more complicated. BUT REGARDLESS, the initial investment is offset by a number of incentives from the Federal, State, and City government. For what used to be a bare-bones installation at $25,000, a home-owner could expect to receive half of their initial investment back in the first year and payoff the system within approximately 5.8 years. 

If you can't stomach the initial upfront costs of going solar, Brooklyn SolarWorks offers financing options that allow you to take advantage of the many tax credits available to solar, increase the value of your home, and make low monthly payments for a solar system over time.

Alice in Awe.JPG

The Solar Canopy

This design makes it easy to get as much electricity from your rooftop as possible. Take advantage of the extra space on your rooftop and build over obstructions that would otherwise limit the amount of solar that you can put directly on the surface of your roof. Why not?

Maple Tilt Drone.jpg

The Tilt Rack

The tilt rack is our work horse. It's designed to fit the physical constraints of your home. It can be built around skylights, hatches, and any duct work on your roof. If you live in a landmarked area, this is probably going to be your system of choice.

Derryberry Drone Small.jpg

Custom Canopy Designs

In some situations your roof may require a custom canopy design. If for some reason our modular design won't make the cut, we'll work with you to build out the best design possible for your home.