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Solar Block Parties

BSW wants to pay for your block party. Up to $1,500. 

We love a good celebration. Block parties are the Brooklyn way. We're here to help. That's why we're giving up to $1,500 to block neighborhood associations that need some extra funding for their parties this year. Despite two conditions, it's pretty much a wide open offer. We'll work with you on how exactly those conditions are meant.

  1. We'd like to have some sort of presence at your block party. We usually bring a 4x6 table, but we could also bring our solar generator if you need power for a stage or bouncy house. We're willing to work with your footprint. Just tell us how things usually work for your event. We won't be selling anything. Info only.
  2. We'd like to have some other form of communication with your members. Again, we're totally willing to work with you on what this means. We recommend an email blast to your members that includes this link as a first step. 

Once we've settled on these two things, booyah, tell us where to send the money. It's yours to do with what you will. This day is all about your neighborhood. We'll do our best to keep the branding and "business" out of it. We'll bring some of the party with us :)